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The people at Carbide Products Co., Inc. have a single-minded

commitment to the manufacture of ultra-precise, and

ultra-reliable instruments for use by the most demanding

professionals. Performance day after day is our goal.

This can only be obtained by attention to the minute details

of design, manufacture, and inspection that result in quality.

We Pursue Excellence and Perfection!

How to get Here

Torrance is a large city southwest of Los Angeles. You can easily find he city on any Southern California map. We are about one mile East and on half mile South of the Torrance civic center. Western Avenue runs from North to South from Hollywood to the ocean near San Pedro. Going South on Western Ave., cross Carson street and we are about 1/2 mile further South on the right hand side of the street.

We are about 18 miles from downtown Los Angeles and about 15 miles Southeast of the LAX airport. From the airport, go East down Century Blvd. The first freeway you cone to is called the 405 Freeway (San Diego Freeway). Turn right at the street just before the freeway, drive 1/2 block and turn left, taking the freeway on-ramp going South. Go about 8 or 10 miles and take the Western Ave. off-ramp. Go right or South on Western Ave. for about 4 miles and cross Carson Street. Continue South for about 1/2 mile and you will see our sign on the right side of the street.

From downtown Los Angeles, take the 110 Freeway (Harbor Freeway) South for about 18 miles until you come to the 223rd Street turn off. Go West on 223rd street until you come to Western Ave. Turn left and go South on Western Ave. for about 1 and 1/2 blocks and you will see our sign on the right side of the street.

Our Sales Personnel

Ann Johnson is our Marketing Manager and is in charge of the office. She is the wife of Gary Johnson, our President. Gary is the person who invented most of the equine instruments that we manufacture. As you may have guessed, this is a family business. You may see a child or a nice dog or two on the premises. Don't be alarmed, the dogs will be as happy to see you as Ann will be. She will either take care of your equine problems (she really knows our products) or call Gary (the busiest person on the premises) to see that you don't leave without a satisfactory answer to your questions.

Ann has an assistant "Marga". She also will be pleased to help you. In fact, you probably have talked to Marga if you have phoned us.

To place an Order

You will be able to buy directly from this web site at some time in the future. As of now, however, you may contact us as follows:

Phone Toll Free in the USA and Canada at:800-64-BLADE

That is: 800-642-5233


FAX: 310/320-7913

By mail at:

Carbide Products Co., Inc.

22711 Western Ave.

Torrance, CA 90501-4944

To send us an E-mail now, Click: HERE

This Web site is at:

Also at:

And at:


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Guaranteed: Return any item purchased within 30 days and your purchase price (excluding shipping charges) will be cheerfully refunded.

Please contact us for a Return Authorization Number on any item to be returned. Shipping discrepancies must be reported within 30 days of invoice.

We Accept these Credit Cards.

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Company History

Carbide Products is a family business that was started in 1954 by Art Johnson to manufacture tooling made of cemented tungsten carbide. Over the years we have manufactured many types of carbide tooling, including the metal itself. Art saw the need for bringing the efficiency that is inherent in the use of the hardest metal made by man (carbide) to the jobs of cutting, stamping and forming various materials. Art was the first to manufacture carbide metal on the West coast. He also was the first to manufacture many types of draw and stamping dies in the West. In addition, he manufactured many types of cutting tools that are commonplace today.

The equine division of the business began as just another item that someone brought in and asked if something similar could be made of carbide. Thus the Precision Ground Blade™ was born.. In the beginning, however, it was not known either how good the blade would be or if the customer would pay the price for such a blade. Little by little, as one customer after another showed up to get what a previous customer had bought, we realized that there was indeed a market for this item. The time frame for this is from two decades ago to the present. Thus, the humble beginnings developed into a major business for Carbide Products. During this time frame we have developed a complete line of equine instruments which are shown in this web site.

Gary Johnson, the youngest son of Art and Irene Johnson, took a great interest in the equine business and began developing new tools for those interested in motorized instruments. He has a number of patents and patent pending applications that probably will develop in to patents to be issued in the near future. Gary is now the President of the entire Carbide Products Co.,Inc. and Art Johnson has retired. Gary's wife Ann is our Marketing Manager and supervises the office.

About Carbide (Cemented Tungsten Carbide)

The name "Carbide" is used for "cemented tungsten carbide" as a means of shortening the correct name. However, you must remember there are other types of carbide. We are talking about the hard metal that is used in tooling.

Carbide is a product of powder metallurgy. Very fine grains of tungsten carbide are mixed with cobalt powders and milled together to form various grades of carbide. The hardness and wear resistance of each grade changes with the grain sizes of the tungsten carbide particles used, the amount of cobalt in the mixture and the manufacturing methods. There are, therefore, many grades available on the market with various degrees of hardness, shock and wear resistance. All carbides are not the same. Softer grades grind easier than harder grades which resist wear. The manufacturing equipment that produces the most shock resistance in carbide increases its cost. When you buy a carbide item strictly on price, the chances are you are buying an inferior product. The inferior product is likely to prove more expensive in the long run than the cost of a superior product that was produced with quality in mind. We, at Carbide Products make every effort and spare no expense to make our products the best that can be made.

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