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Motors as Adopted for Floats

FOREDOM® motor

#FM-0 FOREDOM® MOTOR, a 1/3 HP, 115 Volt, 5 Amp. motor with an adjustable speed of up to 15000 RPM, that weighs about 5 Lbs. It has a hanger for securing it to a hook that is placed in the area where the work is being done. A flexible driving cable runs from the motor to a guard that does not require a hand piece such as our "GT" Utopia Guard™.

Our complete line of guards are shown in the section of this web site called "Float by Power".

#FM-1 FOREDOM® MOTOR is the same as shown except for 230 Volts.

#FM-2 is the same motor for 115 volts that is matched with a 115 volt FS-3 foot switch and speed control.

#FM-3 is the same motor for 230 volts that is matched with a 230 volt FS-4 foot switch and speed control.

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Veterinarian equine dentist have traditionally worked very hard to accomplish the floating of horses' teeth. This is the 21st century and surely there is a better way. In this web site you will find the new ways that have changed a time consuming task to one that is short and easy. Pictured above is a standard FOREDOM® motor. When the flex shaft of this motor is connected for use with one of our burr guards, you have a tool that will cut horses teeth faster than any other known method.

Motor, Flex Shaft and Cord

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#FM-0, motor is shown above with the FX-2 flex shaft attached. It is designed to be hung on a hook or other device that will keep it convenient to use. At about 5 Lbs. it is too heavy to be hung from a waist belt. It's ruggedness, excellent foot control and speed range, however, make it an outstanding choice. Our SUHNER® motor shown below is light enough (3 lbs.) to be hung from a waist belt and should be used if this is a priority.

FOREDOM® Foot Switch

#FS-3 FOREDOM® 115 Volt switch and foot speed control unit as shown above.

#FS-4 is the same unit except for 230 volts.

FOREDOM® 1" Handpiece

#FP-1, FOREDOM® 1" hand piece. It is recommended as the best low price hand piece on the market. This hand piece will snap into the #FX-2 flex shaft that is shown attached to the #FM-1 motor pictured above. Please note that we have a set of better hand pieces which are our GT-4 and GT-U units. Our hand pieces have sealed ball bearings to prevent moisture from rusting the bearings. They also have vacuum outlets to help withdraw dust from the working area. These hand pieces are shown on this web site under the "Burrs & Guards" heading.

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1/2" Hand Piece

#FP-2, FOREDOM® 1/2" hand piece. It has a 1/8" collet that may be used with our #A-1 diamond cut-off blade to cut off points and to slice through incisors.

Flex Shaft

#FX-2, FOREDOM® flex shaft. This flex shaft that will give you much trouble free service. This flex shaft has a key on the ends identical to the old DREMEL® flex shafts and will fit the old DREMEL® hand pieces.

#FX-3, FOREDOM® heavy duty flex shaft is very rugged for heavy duty use. The flex shaft ends are square and can be used to replace the SUHNER® FX-1 flex shafts which also have square ends.

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SUHNER® Motors for our "GT" Utopia Guards™

Shown with Clutch per our Patent No: US 7,238,021 B1


#SN-2, Heavy Duty SUHNER® 115 volt motor is shown with our Patented #CT-1 clutch attached (a must). Speed range is 11,000 to 25,000 RPM which is easily adjusted. This motor can be used with any of the burr guards as shown in the "Burrs & Guards" section of this web site.

#SN-3, SUHNER® Motor, is the same as above except it is for 230 volts.

Clutch for SUHNER®

#CT-1, Clutch that fits the SUHNER® motors as shown above. This Patented clutch is designed to slip in the event that soft tissue is caught by a rotating burr. The SUHNER® set-up is designed to be used with our "GT" Utopia Guards™ as shown in the "Burrs & Guards" section of this web site.

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SUHNER® Foot Switch

#FS-1, Foot Switch for SUHNER® Motor.

#FX3-HD Flex Shaft

#FX3-HD, Heavy Duty FOREDOM® square drive flex shaft fits a SUHNER® Motor with a CT-3 clutch attached. Only the end of the shaft is shown here. The flex shaft is made extra long so it will reach from the motor-clutch unit carried on a belt at the rear of the practitioner to the instrument in his/her hand. The flex shaft goes up and over the shoulder and down to the instrument.

#FX2 FOREDOM® light duty flex shaft with key way drive is also available to do the same job as the above. The key way drive fits many hand pieces that a practitioner may all-ready have. Please specify the flex shaft you desire when ordering.

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Belt for SUHNER® motor

#BT-1, Belt with Pouch to hold SUHNER® motor unit to the back side of the practitioner for convenience in working with the Utopia Guard™ system.

Vacuum Units and Equipment

Vacuum Hose

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#DGH, Vacuum Hose and adaptors to fit the Utopia Guards™ and run to a portable vacuum such as our DGV vacuum.

DGV Vacuum

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#DGV, Vacuum, a very powerful unit that small enough to fit in the floorboard of your car. This vacuum may be used with the "GT" Utopia Guard™ system.

MAKITA® Motors as modified by us for Equine Dental Use.


MAKITA® Battery Powered Unit reciprocates back and forth at about 2,700 strokes per minute. When equipped with our Pocket Handle™ and Pocket Blade™ it will take much of the arm work out of floating horses teeth. Equipped with a long lasting battery, this unit will usually last for a full working day. It can then be recharged over night for use the next day. We make a number of changes to the standard unit to shorten the stroke, change the switch, and provide support for the shaft which slides into a locking mechanism of our design. You will find that it operates very efficiently and is not heavy. This gives you the ability to guide the working Pocket Blade™ over the area of tooth that you want to remove and reshape.

MAKITA® and Shafts

#MK-0 MAKITA® Reciprocating Motor only for those who wont to purchase a spare motor without a charger or handles.

#MK-2 MAKITA® Reciprocating Motor with long lasting battery (it comes with both a long lasting battery and a charger). The long lasting battery will last the average practitioner all day and it can be recharged overnight ready for the next day. Pocket Handles™ as shown are purchased separately.

These units are one of the most popular items we manufacture. They represent the next step above hand floating with a safe power unit that can take much of the work out of floating. These battery powered units are safe both for the practitioner and the horse.

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MAKITA® Pocket Handle™


MPS-2 Pocket Handle™


MPS-1 Pocket Handle™ with 1-1/4" Pocket Blade™ shown. This handle has a 15-1/2" working length and a 5 degree open angle on the head.

MPS-2 Pocket Handle™ with 1-1/4" Pocket Blade™ shown. This handle has a 15-1/2" working length and a 15 degree closed angle on the head.

These two handles as shown are the most popular handles used. However, we have handles for 2-1/4" Pocket Blades™ as shown below.

2-1/4" Pocket Blade

2-1/4" Pocket Blade™

MPS-5 Pocket Handles™ are the same as the above MPS-1 except they are made for the 2-1/4" long Pocket Blades™.

MPS-6 Pocket Handles™ are the same as the above MPS-2 except they are made for the 2-1/4" long Pocket Blades™.

See the "Blades for Floats" section of this web-site for specifications.

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Please note that Pocket Blades™ sit very low in the heads that hold them. They are held in place by two small screws on the opposite side from the teeth. This makes it easy for you to remove and replace a dull blade. The dull blades are then easily packaged to be returned to us for re sharpening.

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